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Hetalia Icons (con't)

For more please visit:

My second set of icons:

           001                    002                    003               
           004                    005                    006                
           007                    008                    009                
           010                    011                    012                
           013                    014                    015                
           016                    017                    018                 

-Pics from Pixiv and assorted videos.
-Feel free to use but please leave me a comment so I know if they're liked!

For more please visit:

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ZOMG...Denmark/Norway, France/UK and Russia/China!!!

My favorite pairings are here!!! xD

I love you! XD

Denmark/Norway, YESS!! I'm one happy fangirl, thank you~!! ♥

Snagging a few >: 3


Denmark/Norway, France/UK, Russia/China, and AMERICA/CANADA?!?!?! Man, I love you so much right now. Thank YOU! *saves to computer*

And I'll credit away for sure! People deserve to know your awesome work!

Oh, wow!! FrUK family and Denmark/Norway? And itty bitty Canada and America? So adorable!! I'll definitely credit!

8DD Thank you so much for the lovely RussiaChina icons!

Snagged 9 and 13. 8D <3

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