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My First Icons

For more please visit:

My first set of icons:

           001                    002                    003               
          004                    005                    006              
          007                    008                    009             
          010                    011                    012              
          013                    014                    015             
          016                    017                    018              
          019                    020                    021              
          022                    023                    024              
          025                    026                    027             
          028                    029                    030              
          031                    032                    033              
          034                    035                    036              
         037                    038                    039              

-Pics from Pixiv and assorted videos.
-Feel free to use but please leave me a comment so I know if they're liked!

For more please visit:

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Can I use some of these? .///.

looks great! where does the second last icon come from!?!? *A*

It's from a video on youtube.

Aww how awesome!
I saved a bunch so I'll credit you when I use them :D

These are so nice. Can I ask what image the first three ones with Poland/Liet come from?

Aww, these are so cute.
I took, like, all the Austria and Sweden ones. ;D

Thanks! Glad you like them! ^_^

dkahjskjash where are the su/fin ones from! these are all gorgeous.

Some from Pixiv and some from videos on youtube

Very cute! I love the Hare Hare Hetalia and SuFin ones. Saving a few, will credit when used. Thanks!

Those are perfect for my new PolandxLithuania obsession :3
9, 10 and 11 are from official art, right?
Do you know the place where to see it?

They're just from

Oh wow you have one from the Hetalia Unlimited video. XD Nice.

Totally leeching a few of em.

I loved them n_n I'm taking some =P

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